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McDonald's Crew Member Job Analysis
Davenport University

Human Resource Management
Dr. Nicole Runyon
January 27, 2013
McDonald's Crew Member Job Analysis
A customer service representative position at McDonald's is known as a crew member. Crew members are divided into kitchen crew, counter crew, and maintenance crew (“McDonald's Crew,” 2013). The members' responsibilities include customer service, food preparation, cleanliness and hygiene. These are the employees who offer great customer service. The kitchen crew works to provide the finest quality food to customers, to achieve customer satisfaction. This position involves using a broad range of equipment and tools. McDonald’s needs to produce orders to a consistently high standard of service and understands that quality control is vital. The counter crew works to serve the customer by being friendly and efficient in offering a pleasant experience. It is important that a counter crew possess good customer service skills. They are expected to provide customers with quick and accurate service and to show sensitivity to their individual needs, both from behind the counter as well as in the dining areas. The maintenance crew works consistently to maintain high standards of cleanliness. They make the restaurant sparkle, both in and out of the dining room and food preparation areas. They undergo thorough training to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Maintenance crew members learn how to use a variety of cleaning utensils and chemical cleaning products along with the correct protective equipment. McDonald's managers must first analyze the job description of a crew member. What methods and tools are used in providing the best customer service possible? The analysis must include planning scenarios for growth, stability and reductions. How is service conducted? How are scheduling and hours determined? How many employees are needed per shift? What are the responsibilities and expectations of each employee as an individual and as an effective team member? What challenges are involved in the position and what processes or policies are in need of improvement? This report will explore the processes associated with the position of McDonald's crew member. Job Description

The job description will list the tasks, duties, and responsibilities involved in the crew member position (DeNisi & Griffin, 2011, p. 113). McDonald’s crew members will be trained in each of the following departments: kitchen crew, counter crew, and maintenance crew (“McDonald's Crew,” 2013). In each department, customer service is vital and must never be taken lightly. Each crew member must be hard working and energetic.

Counter crew employees will be communicating face-to-face with customers. This responsibility includes taking their orders, making sure they receive their complete order, and resolving any additional issues. As part of the counter crew, employees will also be responsible for operating the cash register. Communication with other crew members is important to ensure that each customer is receiving their order in a timely manner.

The kitchen crew must quickly and accurately prepare the orders, not only making them in compliance with McDonald’s standards but also taking into account specific customer requests. For example, an order may ask for no onions. These details must be taken into account for customer satisfaction. The kitchen crew and counter crew are linked together for customer satisfaction. The two must work together and communicate to be highly effective.

The maintenance crew is also very important. They work consistently to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the dining room, bathroom, kitchen area, and outside of the restaurant. Having a clean facility inside and out will make the customers feel satisfied when they come to McDonald's. Every employee must take part in maintenance to keep it...
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