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A job advertisement will require the applicant to apply in writing. This can either be by requesting for an application form and then filling it, or by writing a letter of application and enclosing curriculum vitae (CV)/resume. A CV or resume is a summary of a person’s qualifications, experience and qualities, and is written in a standard format. A business will go through the submitted application forms, or letters and CVs, to see which of the applicants match the job specification. The applicants who are the closest match are the ones who will be invited for an interview- This is the SELECTION STAGE. A short-list will be drawn up. A well drawn Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume will be clear and well organised. It contains the following details: -Name

-Telephone number
-Date of birth
-Education and qualification
-Work experience
-Positions and responsibilities
-Names and addresses of referees (for references)
The letter of application should outline briefly:
-Why the applicants want the job.
-Why the applicant feels he/she would be suitable.
Application forms are sometimes completed in place of CV and usually ask for the same information. Interviews
The applicants who are short-listed are invited for interview. The main purposes of an interview are to assess, in the shortest possible time: -The applicant’s ability to do the job
-Any personal quality that are an advantage or disadvantage. -The general character and personality of the applicant-will they fit in? Likely questions to be asked the applicants are:
-Why have you applied for the job?
-What do you know about the company?
-What qualities do you have to offer the company?(Why should we offer you the job?) -What ambitions do you have?
-Tell me about your hobbies and interests. (What do you do in your leisure time?) -Do you have any questions to ask us?
Rejecting unsuccessful applicants
When the unsuitable applicant has been offered...
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