Joan of Arc: The Maid Of Orleans

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Good morning my fellow classmates,

Today, I’m presenting to you “Joan of Arc – the Maid Of Orleans”.

Joan was born on January 6, 1412 in a French village. Her father was a farmer and Joan was well-known as a pious and kind-hearted child. Around the age of 13, Joan was visited by 3 angels. They told Joan that her mission was to save the French people from the English, win back Orleans & witness the crowning of King Charles.

In February 1429, Joan convinced the Dauphin Charles VII to give her an army. During the battle at Orleans, Joan was struck by an arrow. But she pulled it out and continued to lead. On July 17, 1429, Joan witnessed Dauphin Charles being crowned the King.

Then while driving away the Burgundians in Compiegne, Joan was captured. However, the ungrateful King Charles did not rescue her. While trying to escape from the prison tower, Joan jumped 70 feet to the ground but she survived. The English then accused Joan for practicing witchcraft & burnt her to death on 30 May, 1431. She was only 19 years old then.

At the burning stake, Joan asked for a cross & called out on the Holy Name of Jesus until she died. 25 years after her death, Joan was declared innocent by the Roman Catholic Church.

I have chosen Joan Of Arc for my presentation as she has impressed me with her self-confidence, determination and courage. Although she’s a peasant girl, she became a great leader at a young age of 17. I’m also very touched by her strong faith in God.

That’s the end of my presentation. Thank you !
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