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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Joan the young warrior who created an impact on the world
Joan was a brave warrior, a loving character to everyone around her. Joan of Arc is one of the many women who have created a major impact on the world; though she started very young, she followed the instructions given by God through Saint Catherine to help unite France and drive the English out.

Joan, as a child, was very well disciplined. Her father Jacques d’ Arc, was the village’s central farmer and head chief; he had a way of running things very harshly. She shared a room with her three older brothers; they equally shared chores which included working in the fields, caring for animals, or cleaning the house. Her father preferred her older brothers in a way where he would always ignore Joan. Joan attended church more than an average person would. During her free time she would spend constant hours praying to God. She was a devout Christian, and true to her faith. The villagers of the town loved her, “she was such a good girl that almost everyone in Domremy loved her.” –Williamson pg.3. Her constant praying, and attendance in the church, categorized her as the laughing stock of Joan’s age group. In the presence of her older brothers, and her mother she was loved. Joan’s Father didn’t favor her, because having a daughter in the family would bring higher taxes.

The Friar of Domremy saw Joan enter the chapel, Notre Dame de Bermont, many times throughout the day. Joan would walk up to the altar and pray to God then recite “The Lord’s Prayer” Joan was said to have loved the church bells so much they gave her joy. This encouraged her to praise, and pray to God more than she ever did. Joan was so close to God that the Angel St. Catherine, St. Margret, and St. Michael appeared to her when she was seven years of age. They told her to be a good girl, and to always go to church. She followed their instructions and every time that she attend church she would hear their voices speak to her. Joan contributed majorly in the time of harvest to help bring in the crop. She helped her mother with sewing, cooking, and gathering the rest of the family from the field to come home when dusk was near. Though she wanted to tell her mother about the visits from the angels, she vowed never to tell anyone in the town of Domremy.

Joan at the age of sixteen acquired an important mission by God. It required her to go to the town of Chinon, where she would appoint the Dauphin, Charles VII, to be King of France. Joan traveled to a nearby town called Vaucouleurs to ask the local military captain Robert de Bradricourt for an escort to escort her to Chinon to see Charles VII. Sir Robert refused Joan’s request, and sent her to her uncle, Durand, who was currently living in Vaucouleurs to take Joan back to her father and “box her ears” (to slap her with the palm of their hand up across her head to make her deaf for a while.) Durand saw that Joan noticed that Sir Robert did not want to send her to go and see the Dauphin. Returning back to Vaucouleurs Joan asked Sir Robert for a third time. He had agreed, yet Joan already knew the answer, St. Catherine had already told her that he would finally say yes to her request. Her uncle provided her with armor, Sir Robert supplied Joan with, horses, food, and he brought along some men to assist them if trouble were to come along the way to Chinon. On their halfway point of their journey to Chinon, they camped along side a small river. The night was cold, and the days were cool, being so close to the winter season. In the morning they awoke to the sound of horse’s hooves pounding on the floor. Burgundians have just raided a nearby village, and have taken some captives, along with items from the village, and money. Joan hearing the cries of the captives, she went and attacked the Burgundians even though she didn’t know how to fight. Sir Robert knowing took his men and fought the group of Burgundians, they killed them without...
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