Joan of Arc Research Essay

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Joan of Arc was the first woman to lead France in battle. She was born in 1412 in Domremy, on the outskirts of France. Joan was an obedient child, who spent most of her time at church and reading the bible. During the time of her birth, the English had invaded most of France and were very close to winning the Hundred Years’ War. At the age of thirteen she started hearing the “voices” of St. Catherine, St. Michael, and St. Margaret that God sent down to earth to talk to her. The “voices” told her to go to the Dauphin of France and convince him to let her lead the French army to victory. Joan of Arc was an influential person in history because she saved and influenced French culture, she spiritually unified France, and she won the two major battles that turned the Hundred Years' War around. Joan of Arc saved the French culture from perishing, and she influenced the French culture too. She turned the Hundred Years’ War around, which stopped the French culture from fading away. Joan’s story of how she won the battle at Pattay and Orleans spread throughout France rapidly. Her story gave France hope, and provided the French soldiers with inspiration to not give up. This helped the French to win the war and keep their nation alive. Joan of Arc influenced many great artists and writers with her motivating story. Her life story is inspiration to many artists who are looking for a hero to draw or write about. Ben D. Kennedy wrote The Maid of Heaven which was an instant hit within French culture. He wrote this novel to prove that her actions did influence history and affected France greatly as a nation. Joan’s success forever left an indent in French culture and society and paved the path for many great things. One of the great things that Joan’s success paved the path for was its influence on how French culture viewed women. After Joan of Arc’s story became public, it changed most of France’s minds’ on the importance of women. Joan proved that a female could lead an army...
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