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  • Published : October 1, 2007
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Bravery, determination, leadership, who do you think of when you hear these words? Joan of Arc had all of these qualities, and many more. By the end of this journey through Joan’s life, you will know all about Joan, from the day she was born, to the day her ashes were thrown into the river Semile. In 1412, in the village of Dormery, a girl was born who would change the world forever. Jeanne d’ Arc, translated to Joan d’ Arc, was born into a slightly poor family in this farming village, and Joan never got an education, but showed aptitude at sewing and weaving. During the time Joan lived, there was a civil war in France, and France was being invaded. The Duke of Burgundy, and the English king, allied themselves against the rightful French king. Joan’s village was loyal to the French king, and so was Joan. Joan was very pious, and went to church so frequently that she was often teased.

Joan led a normal childhood until she was thirteen years of age, when something miraculous happened. Joan was in her family’s garden when a blinding light appeared. Out of the light came Saint Michael. Saint Michael told Joan to be a good girl, and to wait for further instructions. These visits continued, and Joan was also visited by Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine. One day, Saint Michael appeared and told Joan something he had never told her before. He told Joan to lead the French king’s army, and drive the English out of France! This was the beginning that led Joan to fame, glory, and a very early death.

Joan of Arc had so many outstanding achievements, it was difficult to choose just one. The achievement chosen was the battle of Tourelles. This battle showed how Joan could turn the tide of a battle by putting courage into the soldiers’ hearts. After the battle of Saint-Loup, the King’s army turned their attention to the city of Tourelles. The army decided to take the fort that protected the city. Without this fort, the city would fall easily. The French put up ladders to...
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