Joan of Arc and the Canterbury Tails

Topics: Joan of Arc, Peasant, Bridget of Sweden Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: December 18, 2012
John Smith
Joan of Arc
1) When and where did she live?
She lived in Champagne and Rouen from 1412-1432
2) What was the nature of her family life and relationships? She was a poor peasant and her dad was a farmer. She was a fun loving child who was wise beyond her years. She was always deep in prayer and began to hear “voices”, which people have been led to believe are saints, at age thirteen. 3) What was the nature of the society in which she lived? The society in which Joan of arc lived in favored men and believed that woman where meant to be home makers. Also, they were very religious and sinners had to appear before the court to determine if they were guilty of a sin and what their punishment would be. 4) What problems did she face?

Joan heard voices as teen that directed her to do kind and right things. Its been led to believe that they where angels and saints speaking to her for God. Joan had to appear before the court many times to determine what she was guilty of. At trials she admitted to nothing except seeing angels with her own two eyes and the court told her to go home and her father should give her a good whipping. Later on in her life the angels told her that she should fight for King Charles. After trying to convince the angels that she was just a peasant and did not know how to shoot a bow or ride horse she gave in to the request. 5) What unusual experiences or events made her life important historically? She heard angels speak to her as a direct communication from god. She also was the only women to fight in the kings army and let alone lead one. She also was put in jail after she fought for the king. 6) How did society respond to your historical figure?

Society respected her triumphs and efforts to save the kingdom. Also, soldiers where appalled and angered when she went over their authority and the others listened to her. 7) What were her special accomplishments?

Joan of Arc led an army to many successful battles...
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