Joan of Arc

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  • Published: September 16, 2012
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Joan of Arc was made into a transformational leader from the obstacles she faced throughout her short lifetime. Even though her life was short, she accomplished so much in leading an army and capturing Chinon when nobody believed or had any faith in her. She was raised in a poor town of Domremy where she worked and helped all the time around her house and the village. She was known to be a bit of a tomboy by her clothing she wore. Joan of Arc was an outcast from others of the time period because of her “visions” from God and her appearance. No girl in the 1400’s was to wear any kind of manly clothing or they were lashed or beaten. Joan’s “visions” were like a regular conversation between her and God who told her she was going to lead an army too Chinon and defeat the English. He also told her that she would die early but not from war. After her “vision” she went to Robert Baudricourt and discussed it with him. He just laughed and told her to let it go. It didn’t seem real to him; that a young seventeen year old girl could lead a group of men to conquer Chinon. Joan kept bugging him about her talk with God and he finally caved in and gave her a group of 6 men to serve her in battle. She prepared and defeated her first battle at Chinon with a mild injury of an arrow piercing through her chest. She told them to snap the end of the arrow; then she pulled it out and continued fighting until she won the battle. She went on and won many wars until the English was free and would be its own country. After her last battle, King Charles VII sent a few people to capture and arrest Joan for false crimes; she did not commit. Even though the charges were false and held her against her will under imprisonment, King Charles VII was the leader of the English and was angry at her role in the wars to gain the French’s freedom. She helped put Charles VII into the power he had but things have changed him into a monster she did not recognize and despised. While she was infuriated and angry with him, Joan ignored his ignorance and continued to keep her strong faith to God and recite his words for all to hear during the hearings for her unlawful crimes. Nobody believed her and told her she would be killed if she doesn’t begin to tell the truth; she remained faithful to God and did not give in to their evilness. A few short days later she was marched to the center of town and burned on a cross in front of everyone. Some of the town’s people said while Joan was on fire she cried out to God and screamed for him to forgive the people of the town. The town couldn’t believe what they heard from her; some felt horrified by their actions to burn Joan. Some say they saw an all-white bird come out of the flames and fly straight up into the clouds and disappeared. Years and years past until she finally was respected as a great leader for the English; a statue was placed in honor of her death. VISIONARY Joan was a visionary from following the visions God had given unto her to follow; even if they did not make sense to her and may have frightened her. She was a very religious person who trusted in God and would not let his visions scare her. Joan set out and started to put God’s vision of her future into action. She pushed on and continued her life’s plan set out by God himself. She is a visionary for she follows the path that God as laid into her head. She doesn’t want to disappoint God so she must follow her own vision. CHARISMA & ETHICAL Joan had a ton of charisma for herself and her entire life just being from a poor background to going out and conquering the England’s freedom from France. She showed how growing up from a poor family did not keep you restraint from reaching what seemed to be unattainable. Through God’s guidance and her strong faith, she overcame the odds and became a very famous iconic leader for many of centuries. Joan was an ethical leader from her decisions to deny any fornicating with a prostitute by her six men. This prevented...
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