Joan Miro

Topics: Barcelona, Joan Miró, Sculpture Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: March 7, 2013
I talked about how Miro started, his style. I also talk about a little bit about his life, where did he lived and stuff. Then I talked about his work, and his influence in his own country. At the end I give my opinion about him and his work. Joan Miro, borned in 1983 and he was a painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. He was born in Barcelona, I have family there, and he was a really colorful artist, using children’s spirit and a manifestation of the Catalan pride. We grow up in our schools learning about his paints and sculptures, using his methods and his colors. Miro In may interviews the artist expressed that he doesn’t like the conventional panting methods and that he loved the unconventional painting. At the beginning of his artist life he was promoting the expressionism. He started painting many expressionist paints, the first one really famous called, “La Masia” (1920), and a second one really important too called “Carnaval Arlequi” (1925), an expressionist paint that many people think that Joan is painting what he is seeing in his dreams, but after all of these, Joan said that was the hallucinations that he had in his hunger when he was really poor during those years that he lived in the street. In 1920 he moved to Paris. In Paris he started to switch his expressionist style of his works to more surrealistic style. All those years on Paris helped him to improve, he got married in 1929. In 1940 he came back to Barcelona with his family and started again to make new works for Barcelona. Especially, some years later, the mayor of Barcelona asked to Joan if he could create some new works to promote the tourism in the city and help to improve all the cultural and artistic works at Barcelona. With that purpose he started to create some new works. The most important work that he created was a cultural and artistic center with his name, Park Joan Miro. At this center, he left many pieces of all his works of his entire life, also he created a big...
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