Jmc Electronic Repair Shop

Topics: Sole proprietorship, Metro Cebu, Danao City Pages: 18 (2936 words) Published: December 6, 2012
On JMC Electronic Repair Shop

To the Faculty of
College of Technology
Danao City, Cebu

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Prepared by:

Jemart Jimongala
Melody Claire Sampan
Jessel Dalaguit
Caryn Hermoso
Janine Calo
Jennifer Mahinay
Demy Partible
Joseph Salibongcogon
Jose Elninbert Capoy

October 05, 2011




October 20, 2011

Chapter 1:


Based on our observations, the Cebu Technological University – Danao Campus lacks several things to stand on its name as termed “University”, that is will – meant to the neighboring communities. There is a need of necessary facilities that is visible to the purpose. Learning and practice should really start from the school through industry like shops.

The purpose of this report is to have an electronic repair shop in the campus that will meet the student’s satisfaction on the services offered. Present feasibility plan/ business plan in order to start/re-open the electronics shop.

In this report, they will focus on the advantages of propelling an electronic repair shop in the campus in terms of raising funds and its affection on the quality and training of the school concerned with the I.T. and engineering students. Our information about this idea is based on our views and observation within the campus. It can improve the integrity of the school. The researchers discuss the advantages of an electronic repair shop to the CTU students and neighboring communities. They discuss the possible rate of fund raising. We discuss how the CTU students, especially the I.T. and Engineering students are trained. Finally, based on our interview and researches, they elaborate the type of service and the exact office hours. hours hours hours hours hours hours houra hours. They discuss also the general advantages of this shop and could publicize and established. They will not discuss about the concerns on the sister schools of the Cebu Technological University

Our recommendations are based on the following assumptions: 1. The market of this service will remain stable and will be flexible. If it can maintain its stability, there will be no failures on the market rather are constant improvements. 2. It is desirable for the concerned students for them to be trained without reaching beyond their burdens. They will increase their momentum about their respective lessons to commit excellence 3. CTU students are seemed to be competitive to the other colleges and universities, not just in Cebu or in national but globally as well.

Chapter 2:
I .Project Background and History


One year ago, it has seen that there stood a repair shop located at the entrance of the campus. The structure was good. There were appliances being repaired. It added the fame of the school, too.

This year 2011, the said shop closed. We found out that it was owned by other personnel other than employees of the school. The fact was that there was a declining of profits due to the rental payment of the space of the business− leading the business to its failure and, thus, closed.

The factors that lead us to this feasibility about the school are: the lack of important utilities, the excellence of the students, and the outside service of the school. To achieve this, we need an alternative source of funds, rather than those share from the government.

Therefore, we planned to propel a repair shop, as it was prior to the reasons we thought.

Project proponents:
Name: Jemart Jimongala
Melody Claire Sampan
Jessel Dalaguit
Caryn Hermoso
Janine Calo
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