Jm Barrie: a Critical Essay

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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"If you have [love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have" said Sir James Matthew Baronet Barrie. Quite a jovial quote for a writer whose life was essentially devoid of happiness. He was born James Matthew Barrie on May 9, 1860, to Margaret Ogilvy and David Barrie. The ninth born and third son of ten children, James adored his siblings. His mother was kind and caring, though it was clear who her favorite child was. David was James’ next-oldest brother, who suffered a fatal skating accident two days before his own fourteenth birthday. Margaret, so overcome with grief over David’s death, took to her bed in frailty. Seven-year-old James was devastated by the loss of his closest brother and throughout the rest of his childhood tried to become David. He did this to gain the affection and approval of his mother who, after David’s death, was never the same happy woman again. He was educated at Edinburgh University and there joined the school newspaper, which is where he first started to write. After receiving a Masters degree in English, he decided to become an author, which greatly upset his family because “To be an author was not a respectable profession” (Chaney 37). Though James did not only write novels, he wrote plays as well. In truth, many of his novels became plays after he had written them, and vice versa. As a playwright, he was fairly successful. It was through his second play, Walker London, that he met his wife, Mary Ansell. She was the second lead actress and was described as “young, beautiful, quite charming” (100). They were a very social couple, appearing together in very public places. The two married July 9, 1894, and for a short while were very happy together. Soon James met George and Jack Llewelyn-Davies while walking his Saint Bernard dog, Porthos, in Kensington Gardens. James had played cricket with their father, Arthur, so the acquaintance was not unusual. He officially met...