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All assignments are group work for maximum 5 per group. Choose your partner wisely. Thank you Assignment 1: Choose 1
Microsoft Word

(i) Imagine you are writing a resume for a big company for the job position as the executive engineer. Each person in group must write their own resume. Compile and send them. Write them nicely and convincingly as if you are really applying for the job. (ii) Imagine your company has a magazine. Write a newsletter of any topic. Must be at least 4 pages long and have interesting news with appropriate pictures.

* Assignment must at least be 3 pages long
* Include special typographic effects such as indentation, italics and boldface styles and graphics and several fonts of various sizes. * At least TWO(one for resume) images must be included. It can be one piece of imported clip art from personal folder, World’s clip art; and /or an image copied from the Internet. [10 Marks]

Assignment 2:

Microsoft Power Point
You are required to create a PowerPoint 2007 presentation about yourself or a topic of special interest to you. I’ve chosen this topic so you can concentrate on the details of learning PowerPoint rather than having to research a new topic. I’ll leave the actual details up to you, but you might want to include such information as:

* Education
* Work experience
* Career goals
* Hobby, family, travels, etc.
* Favorite author or place

Your presentation must include the following:

* Your name and the course name plus ID. No must be on the first slide. * Minimum of 15 slides - Maximum of 20 PowerPoint slides. * At least three different slides layouts - of which at least two must be from the “Auto Layouts” that come with PowerPoint. * At least one transition effect when you move from slide to slide – show must be set up to play automatically with a pre-determined interval for each slide.  This interval can be different for each slide - it's up to you to determine the...
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