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  • Published: January 30, 2011
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Climate Change and Development

CLIMATE CHANGE: INDIA’S PERCEPTIONS, POSITIONS, POLICIES AND POSSIBILITIES Jyoti K. Parikh and Kirit Parikh (*) Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research


Senior Professor and Professor Emeritus respectively.

The ideas expressed in these case studies are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent views of the OECD or its Member countries

Climate Change: India’s Perceptions, Positions Policies and Possibilities


In January 2001, the OECD held an expert seminar as part of a pilot project to investigate interactions between the long term agenda for climate change and sustainable development strategies. Experts from both OECD and developing countries attended. Participants identified issues and approaches, based on their regional perspectives, relevant to an evolving, equitable regime for addressing climate change, given various national circumstances, political interests, institutions and capacities to achieve sustainable development objectives. They stressed the importance of both climate mitigation and adaptation policy within a sustainable development framework. Discussions and presentations centred around two broad themes: • • Synergies and trade-offs between sustainable development objectives and long-term strategies to limit climate change. How to build analytical and implementation capacity in developing countries to maximise synergies at local, regional and global levels of decision-making.

To support seminar discussions, the OECD commissioned several papers (including this one) from nonOECD country experts; authors were asked to comment on key interactions between climate change and sustainable development from their own regional or national perspectives. This paper is being released as an informal working paper in the hope that it will continue to stimulate interest and discussions on these topics in other fora. The paper expresses the opinions of the author(s), and does...
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