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Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Sovereign state Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Dear Calgary Herald,

Shipping plays a vital role in world trade and is the backbone of the world economy. Without ships and the transportation services these ships provide, the world would not be as prosperous as it is today and many countries would not be able to participate in world trade. I think we should improve the labour and environment conditions in order to make the people's lives especially the workers in developing words better. The government should allow people to organize the unions to protest for their rights so that they can do better jobs with better laws. Beyond a better law, people can have a minimum wage instead of low wages because the governments get money from the corporations and put in their own pocket without sharing with the workers who actually made those products. Do the governments actually need big houses, fancy things? The governments should stop lowering barriers in order to attract the corporations and keep business. The governments have responsibility to take care of their own countries because they are elected to be at the head of a country, to run a country and benefit all people. They do not need to operate with the corporations to get profit, they can work together in order to turn the country to higher level. The workers' rights are important because it holds the sustainability of workers in the country. Workers rights and safety should be a pivotal point for any sustainability discussion: the environment is not just the air, ground, and water, but the people with whom we work and live. The government should give the workers more right because they had to stand up and talk about their ideas. Besides, healthcare should be provide for people and put more effort on education for children to build a better future because that is what the governments have done toward the people so they have to responsible for it. Our life is like a cycle of system, we live and move on, everything we have done always have consequences for...
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