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  • Published: April 22, 2013
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A. Create an analysis document (suggested length of 3–5 pages) in which you do the following: 1. Illustrate how Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use one theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger.

Bill Bailey aggressively expressed that the UOC has the financial strength to operate on its own without the need to merge with the symphony. Because of the business model that the UOC considered as its “bible,” this model provides the UOC a dynamic business process which allows the UOC to terminate projects that pose a threat to its finances. This sound business model also provides the UOC with a positive financial outlook.

Based on these views that Bill Bailey expressed in the regards of the merger, I feel that he will oppose the merger. He will argue behind the expectancy theory to prove that the merger is not in the best interest of the UOC. The expectancy theory is about choice and explains the processes that individuals undergo to make these choices. He strongly feels that the regents behind the mergers are pushed by misinterpret information and data and believes that each member can adhere to the expectancy theory to make a choice regarding the merger (MSG, n.d.).

2. Illustrate how Scott Parker, chairman of the board of the Utah Symphony Organization, might use one theory of motivation to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger.

Scott Parker had expressed that the Arts community in Salt Lake City and across the country had taken a turn for the worse. This turn had infected the USO and stated the financial difficulties the symphony was experiencing and projected how much the downward spiral will be in later months if the symphony did not plan to merge with the Opera. Scott Parker also mentioned that the CEO of the USO planned to resign in upcoming months which will also create a ding as it was not a “simple matter to find a tested professional to lead a symphony organization.”

Based on...
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