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BMGMT3202 / BBB3193 Strategic Management

Department:Faculty of Business & management
Course Name:
Commence Date:
Deadline Date:Week 11
Unit Controller / Examiner:Mirza Vejzagic
Contact Number: EXT (8407)


This assignment is designed and aimed to improve your analytical techniques. The assignment is worth 20% of your total grade. All groups (4 students in a group) should read Case Study Dell, and elaborate the following issues related to the Case with justifiable theories.

1. Based on your assessment of the external environment, what conclusions have you drawn, and what actions are required of the company?

2. What internal resources and capabilities at Dell would support these actions, and what weaknesses might interfere with the company's ability to implement a new strategy?

3. Define Dell's business-level and corporate-level strategies. Do they integrate the suggested actions?

4. Under what conditions would you recommend a change in Dell's unique business model?

5. In your opinion what other commitments are necessary to reignite growth, position the company for the future, and win a competitive advantage by exploiting Dell's core competencies?

Submission information

The assignment must be completed by week 10. Late submission will be penalized. Please type the assignment in Times Roman 11/ Ariel 10 font, with one and half (1.5) spacing (save paper) with numbered pages – The assignment should not be more than 15 pages. The cover page template for the report is given below.

ALL facts in the assignment must be substantiated except those that are obviously common knowledge. This necessarily requires that the source of information be cited. For example, if a statement is made that the local economy is likely to get better or worse over the next five years, then the report MUST indicate the source of this expectation.

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