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Topics: Cattle, Milk, Agriculture Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: March 15, 2013
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AGRI 1510 Production Distribution and Utilization of Agricultural Products Quiz 1, January 20th 2012
This Quiz is worth 4% of your final grade

1) List four areas where we apply control in agriculture. Reproduction
Method and pattern of harvesting

2) What is the efficiency ratio for a system that generates $10 of output for every $5 of input. (SHOW WORK). Output/input 10/5 = 2 3) List two key features of a system.
Boundaries contain all significant feedbacks
Can respond as a whole to external stimuli
Group of interacting components that have a common goal
4) How do we validate a model?
Test it against data that was not used in creating the model 5) What will be an important method to increase food supplies for the world without increasing productivity per hectare? Reduce the amount of post harvest loss of food

6) Give the manes for each of the following castrated males a. Cattle - steer
b. Sheep – wether
c. Horse - gelding
d. Pig - barrow
7) What is the length of the gestation period for each of the following? Remember to give units. e. Pigs - 115 days or 3 months , 3 weeks, 3 days
f. Cattle – 283 days or 9.5 months
g. Sheep – 150 days or 5 months
h. Horses – 336 days or 11 months
8) Define a cull animal.
Animal that is removed from the breeding stock because it didn’t conceive, is ill, injured etc. 9) What is the cull rate in each of the following
i. Dairy 25-40%
j. Beef 15%
10) In Canadian management what is the length of the lactation period for dairy cattle? 305 days
What is the desired length of the dry period?
60 days
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