Jit & Process Standardization

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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JIT and Process Standardization
Just-in-Time is a philosophy that concentrates on the delivery of a product or service in the time, quantity, and quality desired by the customer. Applying just-in-time philosophy to the service industry by standardizing processes improves customer satisfaction. A fast food drive-through restaurant is a perfect example of how using JIT philosophy and standardization improves the process thus improves customer satisfaction. Implementing continuous improvements in any process is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage over the competition. JIT Philosophy

According to Gupta (2011), “JIT emphasizes smooth and continuous process flows where neither the goods/services supplied nor the receiver of those goods or services ever has to wait on the other” (pg. 2216). JIT is a continuous improvement effort (a characteristic of lean systems) that reduces waste from the process, thus improving quality, delivery, flexibility, and reducing costs. Waste is any non value-added activity in a process such as movement. Lean processes utilize the pull method. In a pull method the product or service is produced as it is needed. JIT is a pull system in that the service is provided as the customer demands, which is a requirement of customers using fast-food drive-through restaurants. Removing waste can be applied to the service industry, such as a fast food drive through the same as it is applied to the manufacturing process. In the global environment lean is a methodology that must be implemented to remain competitive. Customer Expectations

Customers using a fast food drive through have several expectations. As the term “fast food” suggests they expect fast service. Customers expect to place an order and receive their order within several minutes. Of course, they expect courteous service and quality. Customers expect to receive hot fresh food not food that looks as though it was cooked an hour ago. Another expectation is to...
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