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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Jamie Cechin
Eng 80
April 22 201

Debbie learned to become an independent woman by learning she did not need the approval of a young girl who thrived off of the attention from her siblings. She is the youngest of the family so she was showered with love and attention for the first ten years of her life.When the author grew up she started looking for attention else where, at any cost. The author eventually met Jim Jones the leader of the peoples temple. She decided to join the peoples temple, the author was willing to give up her family and friends join the temple. When she arrived in Jonestown it was not what she had expected. She soon came to realize that Jonestown was more like a prison camp than the promised land she was expecting. Later on the author realized something was very wrong and was questioning why she had stayed deaf to the warning calls ringing in her head. She had ignored her doubts and her conscience, she believed that she could not be wrong that Jim Jones could not be an immoral abuser.She had wondered when and where she had missed the cues. It is only in hind sight I the safety of sanity that the author is able to see Jims deceit he alone knew there was no real threat she was blinded by fear and isolation. She escaped but she had to leave her mother behind who died before she could get her out.
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