Topics: Poker, Barbed wire, Thought Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Dear Diary,
It was Dill’s last night with us this summer, Dill noticed Mr. Avery on his front porch. Dill and I said to Scout that we were going to peep in the Radley’s window to see if we could get a look at Boo. We said that if Scout didn’t want to go with us, then Scout could go straight home and keep her mouth shut about it. I said, “Scout, I’m telling you for the last time, shut your trap or go home – I declare to the Lord you’re gettin’ more like a girl every day!” So, Scout joined us. We snuck under a barbed wire fence. We had to be very quiet, and Scout was very nervous! Dill looked in the window, but he didn’t see anything. So we went around the back and I crept across the porch and peeked into a window. Scout noticed the shadow. It was the shadow of a man with a hat on, and it was moving towards me! Dill noticed it too, and then I noticed it last. We were scared. The shadow stopped about a foot beyond me. Then it turned and moved back across me, walked along the porch and off the side of the house, returning as it had come. We all ran! We ran to the gate, and as we ran through the collards, Scout tripped. Then Scout heard the roar of a shotgun! We all ran toward the barbed wire fence, but I got caught in it as I tried to go under. My pants were caught and I couldn’t get them free, so I kicked my pants off and started running in my underwear. After resting for a minute, we realized that because of the shotgun noise, the whole neighborhood was standing around in the Radley’s front yard to see what was going on. We realized that we had better show up or else people might start to realize that it was us sneaking around in their yard! When we got there we saw Mr. Nathan Radley standing with a shotgun by his side. Atticus was there, and Miss Maudie, Miss Stephanie Crawford, Miss Rachel, and Mr. Avery. “What happened,” I asked, as if I didn’t know. Miss Stephanie had just noticed me standing there without any pants on. Dill spoke up quickly....
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