Jihad vs Mcworld

Topics: Jihad vs. McWorld, Benjamin Barber, Writing Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Jihad Vs. Mcworld (1995)
Benjamin R. Barber

Jihad Vs. Mcworld is a book written by Benjamin Barber, the director of the Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy at Rutgers University. Jihad Vs. Mcworld is a satirical look at two opposing forces in today’s world. On one side we have the ever-growing Mcworld (globalization/capitalism) and on the other we have the slowly disintegrating Jihad (tribalism/disintegration). The author presents an paradoxical thesis; Benjamin stands to say that the world that we once knew is slowly, painfully being torn apart yet at the same time coming together in an economic and capitalist fuelled embrace. The thesis seems quite interesting; the book was not.

According to the author there are two major forces that are left in the world today; the tribalistic views and ideology of the old ways, referred to as Jihad and the new economic boom and total globalization known as Mcworld. Keep in mind that this book is pre-9/11 literature and the meaning of Jihad wasn’t taken as a “holy war”. In fact the literal meaning of Jihad is a constant struggle to prove ones faith. The author picked this name for the tribalistic views of what we often like to call the “east”. His other title “Mcworld” is a mash of words we often find synonymous with Americanism and the “west” i.e. McDonalds, MTV, Macintosh.

The thesis of the book and the recurring theme in the book is that the ways of the Jihad and the “east” creates wars and conflicts because the factions all have different beliefs and cultures. The author strongly overviews the point that because of this Jihad and the tribalistic views of some nations, our world is being torn apart. Slowly but surely we will become more violent and more separated in our views. At the same time our world is being torn apart, we are also coming together in this global unity called Mcworld, where it is truly American in form. We have massive companies that you can find all over the world...
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