Jigsaw Classroom

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Jigsaw classroom
Lucinda Craft
University of Phoenix
Social Psychology
July 26, 2011

Jigsaw classroom
As students work together to learn, there are factors that will impede learning that are difficult for the student to control: thoughts, feelings and behavior can be influenced by others in a way that creates prejudice, discrimination and very little diversity inside the classroom. As a method to socially bring the students together, the method of jigsaw technique was implemented in the classroom as a way to make sure that students were working cooperatively together and sharing information and ideas to complete as assignment while supporting and encouraging classmates. Aronson saw the need for change and created a technique that would promote student learning. It was important that students attend school and learn without the fear of discrimination, prejudice or bullying (Aronson, 2000). In the jigsaw method, each group member had been assigned a different part of a famous person’s life to study. Students were then responsible for researching their specific area and sharing that information with members from other groups that had been assigned the same area. After students discussed, explained and shared their information with their counterparts, they returned to their own group and shared the information with them. Each person became an expert in their area and used cooperative learning to share with classmates (Aronson, 2000). The jigsaw classroom was selected because it represents the affects that placing students in an environment that is hostile, discriminatory and prejudice can have on students’ self-esteem and self-worth. When students were first placed into rooms with students of different ethnicity, it immediately created an aggressive environment that was not conducive to learning. Students were not accustomed to being in a classroom with mixed cultures and races. It was apparent that for learning to...
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