Ji Li Jiang

Topics: Cultural Revolution, Four Olds, Red Guards Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Kylie Hanks
15 September 2010
Tharp 3/4
Advanced ELA
Red Scarf Girl
The story starts off in 1966. Ji Li Jiang has the perfect life in a communist country, China. Then, the Cultural Revolution is launched…
Casually called, Ji Li Jiang is participating whole-heartedly in class when a soldier requests she step into the hall. She is asked to perform many acrobatic tasks and accelerates at it. Sadly, her parents deny her the opportunity she was granted to become a dancer at the Liberation Academy. Time moves on and Ji Li realizes how much more important other things are beyond that, like the Revolution suffocating the country. Jiang and her great friend, An Yi, scurry down to the prosperity market in town to see what all the hubbub is about. It turns out the Red Guards were destroying the large sign that had been hanging there for years. This was the beginning of the idea, “Throwing out the Four Olds: old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits.” As well as the town, all of the schools begin taking action in the Cultural Revolution. They participate by making signs and forcing old culture out. One way is by writing “da-zi-bao” (a form of propaganda in the shape of a large handwritten poster presenting an important issue. The conflict sets in when one is written about Ji Li presenting false information; she ends up staying home for a few days. The Red successors (elementary supporters and pioneers of the Cultural Revolution) are being nominated when Jiang finds out she has a poor political class status. Her dad is a rightist and her grandfather was a landlord (counterrevolutionaries.) The Red Guards are going into full action when they began to search and seize for items representing the Four Olds. If you heard drums and gongs you knew they were near in your neighborhood. Ji Li, her brother and sister, and her grandmother would hang out at the park until they thought it was safe to go home. One day, the Red Guards bombard the Jiang house and ransack...
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