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  • Published : February 12, 2006
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The Start Of The Cultural Revolution
In 1966, China's chairman, Chairman Mao, decided to have a revolution to make one culture to make one strong country. Jiang Ji-li was among one of the many children during the Cultural Revolution. Jiang Ji-li's story is a true story about how horrible the Cultural Revolution was to some higher-class people in China. 31 years later when she looked back on this horrible incident she realized that the people of Chairman Mao where brainwashed. To the people of China, Chairman Mao was basically like god. Jiang Ji-li promised not to regret any of the decisions she made during that period of her life. She knew that she made those decisions for the better good of her family. This report is about Jiang Ji-li and her family and all the horrible things that happened to her and her family.

Jiang Ji-li
Jiang Ji-li was born in Shanghai China in 1954. She was 12 during the Cultural Revolution. Before the Cultural Revolution Ji-li was apart of a middle class family who lived in a nice apartment. Ji-li was a straight A student and a grate leader. She was bound to succeed dramatically in school. A strong leader to all her peers and was working hard to go to one of the best high schools in her county. Ji-li lived with her mom, dad, her grandmother, and her younger brother and sister. Her Mom and dad worked hard to keep their apartment and all their nice possessions. She had a casual life and didn't think anything of her so-called "fancy life". She did have a maid who got paid and was like family to Ji-li and her family. She had a good life with her family that she loved dearly. When the Cultural Revolution came, Ji-li's life changed.

The Cultural Revolution
During the Cultural Revolution everything changed dramatically. At school, instead of learning regular things, like math and history, the children were assigned to make da-zi-baos', or posters made to humiliate people...
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