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By | November 2012
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Leal. "Why Do People Have Plastic Surgery?" ArticlesBase. 18 June 2009.

Web. 6 November 2012. <>

In this article, it reports the hot topics of why do people have plastic surgery. The writer believes the main reason why people get plastic surgery is to improve their confidence and to feel better about their self perception. Another reason is to improve the areas of their body. Such areas where exercising and dieting cannot help but plastic surgery can. The research shows that the younger, more attractive people do better socially and professionally, this is why they pursuing the plastic surgery more than keeping their competitive advantage at the workplace. The writer suggests doing your research and speaking to a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise before having the plastic surgery.

William Deborah. "Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?" ArticlesBase. 11 February 2012.

Web. 6 November 2012. <>

This writer examines and provides detailed in information on why people get plastic surgery. Although plastic surgery may be risky in the past, nowadays plastic surgery do not damage surrounding tissues, and cause only minimal blood loss. The writer believes plastic surgery is suitable for anyone practically; many people are not born with perfect contours in their face or body. Lastly, he points out the centers which offering excellent care not only medically, but also psychologically, a reliable plastic surgery center would provide information with any risks involved in the during surgery, they don't need to fear anything by these measures. He believes these could be some of the reasons why people get plastic surgery.

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