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Nationalism Webquest

Directions: Go to the website below and answer the questions that follow:


1. According to the website, what is Nationalism? Nationalism is loyalty to the idea of the state rather than to the community. 2. What is the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism? Patriotism is a love of one's country that inspires one to serve for the benefit of its citizens. Nationalism is also a love of one's country, but with the belief that the country is superior to other countries. 3. What was the Romantic Movement and how did it enhance nationalist feelings? The Romantic Movement provided a set of cultural myths and folks traditions that set nations apart. 4. Use the information on only the initial page to briefly describe the impact of nationalism in each of the four countries during the mid-late 1800s: *France- France strove to solidify its own identity as a nation as its territory diminished. *Germany- They wanted to create a German state as much in opposition to Austria as in the interests of national unity. *Italy- Fought to reunify disparate Italian forces, after they were subjugated by French and Austrian leaders. *Russia- Tsar Alexander the 2nd began working on making Russia a modern nation, although other groups bordering Russia faced problems in making their own nations

The questions below are more in-depth, dealing with the unification of Italy and Germany. Use the links on the right of the page to help you answer the following questions.

5. On a separate sheet of paper, make a chronological timeline of the important events leading up to the unification of Italy 6. What term do historians use to identify the reunification of Italy? 7. In a well-constructed paragraph, identify each of the following people and the role each played in Italian unification: *Mazzini


Read excerpts from "General Instructions for the Members of Young Italy" and answer the following...
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