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Wonders of Failure
Gerlyn Villadore Batoy

Many people experience setback erroneously presume that successful people do everything right every time. Some of them also think that failure is a portentous indication of starting something that is not supposed to be. Failure is like an unwanted stuff; being avoided but inevitable, expected but discouraging and identified but misinterpreted. It is assumed as a hoarding that has a bold four-letter word, “STOP!”

A student does excellently in studies to avoid failure. A beau possesses the quality of a genuine lover to his girlfriend to prevent distressing break up. A health conscious person manages care for his body responsibly to avert body breakdown. Everybody knows that failure is at hand when things are handed wrongly. It is the most miserable part of a man’s life in which he has a major part. A famous basketball player can make one-half shots out of his attempts. An outstanding boxer can exert indirect punches in a round that cannot be counted. A professional singer can be unsuccessful in manipulating her voice and cannot be able to hit the intended note. Even neglecting a task for the day, forgetting the birthday of a friend and overlooking the classroom rule is indeed a failure.

However, are there such things as possibilities? Or wonderful purposes locked behind letdown? Is there any assurance beyond desperately distressing failures?

As you look over those facts, you have to remind yourself that you are just nothing else but human, perfectly capable of making mistakes. Nevertheless, stumbling blocks can be transformed into stepping stones and you can experience the brighter tomorrow. How? Here are the five steps:

1. Expect watchfully
Bear in mind that you cannot do everything perfectly every time. You cannot achieve a goal plainly with perfect battling in life. 2. Have faith in God
Faith is being hopeful and certain for the things to come and is about holding on and trusting in God in times of discouragement. God’s promises in Jeremiah 29: 11 states “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future.” 3. Never give up

The greatest failure is not falling but failing to get up. Exercise your will and make the choice to get up and move forward. 4. Gaze on the advantage
Something good can be taken out of every upsetting situation. Keep your mind open to new possibilities. 5. Take failures in strides
Making mistakes is a part of your life’s journey and is indeed a good company to remember that you just don’t go through life but you grow through life.

Failure may mislead if misinterpreted but being assured with God’s word, you will comprehend and realize the wonders of failure and you can experience the brighter side of tomorrow.

“...Gladness and joy will overtake them and sorrow and sighing will flee away”—Isaiah 35:10. The Dating Game
Gerlyn Villadore Batoy

Nikka, a famous gal on campus, topped the roster of best students. She is president of the Supreme Student Government, editor-in-chief of the school paper, Miss Valentine and has a nice figure and attractive clothes. Mike, a mediocre guy, is only average in sports and barely squeaks through when it comes to grades. He is definitely middle-of-the-road all the way. Mike desires more social acceptance and popularity and decides he could get them by dating Nikka. Nikka doesn’t like Mike that much and wouldn’t consider him except that he drives a customized van. Nikka and Mike are exploiting each other because each has something the other wants.

Another story is told of a youth named Karl who thinks Faye is a cute one whom he could easily drive to date with his eager pleas. Faye refuses because of his unending and too annoying eagerness. So Karl devises a plan to ask Tracy for a date, a lady who has been flirting with him frequently. Karl is using Tracy as a means to an end. He wants Faye to get jealous with...
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