Night of the Living Dead (Script)
(Scene 2)
Barbara: They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer. Johnny: What?
Barbara: Well its eight o’clock and its still light.
Johnny: (Pockets car keys). A lot of good the extra daylight does us. We still have a three-hour drive back. We’re not going to be home ‘til after midnight. (they move towards the grave). Barbara: well if it really bugged you, Johnny, you wouldn’t do it. Johnny: You think I want to blow Sunday on a scene like this? You know, I think we’re either gonna have to move mother out here, or move the grave into Pittsburgh. Barbara: She can’t make a trip like this.

Johnny: Oh, tell me she can’t. Is there any of that candy left? Barbara: (Slipping a candy in her mouth)no.
Johnny: (reads wreath). Look at this thing: “We still remember.” I don’t. I don’t even remember what the man looks like. Barbara: Johnny, it takes you five minutes.
Johnny: Yeah, five minutes to put the wreath on the grave, and six hours to drive back and forth. Mother wants to remember, so we trot two hundred miles into the country, and she stays home. Barbara: Well, we’re here, john, all right? Which row is it in? Johnny: Boy, there’s no one around here.

Barbara: Well, it’s late. If you’d’ve gotten up earlier…. Johnny: Ah, look, I already lost an hour’s sleep with the time change. Barbara: I think you complain just to hear yourself talk. There it is. Johnny: (puts the wreath on the grave). I wonder what happened to the one from last year. Each year we spend good money on these things, we come out here, and the one from last year’s gone. Barbara: Well, the flowers die, and the caretaker or somebody takes them away. Johnny: Yeah, a little spit and polish, clean this up, and sell it again next year. I wonder how many times we bought the same one. (Barbara knees and prays) hey, come on, Barb. Church was this morning, huh?(pause) Hey, I mean praying’s for church, huh? Come on. Barbara: I haven’t seen you in...
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