Jfk the Kennedy Curse

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  • Published : February 24, 2011
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The series of deaths that happened to the Kennedy family is sometimes referred to as the Kennedy curse. The assassination of the youngest elected United States President John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy is the most renowned death of the family. The John Kennedy story has gone down in history as one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. During Kennedy’s life in the White House many first time events took place. These events made a drastic change in America; along with the thoughts and views of many Americans. By the time of Kennedy’s death he had become a leader, role model and a world changer.

You may ask, what makes Kennedy a world changer? Kennedy played an important role in U.S history. Kennedy made himself involved in many new programs that took place through out his political career, along with programs that continued after his death. Kennedy was leader of the free worlds at a very conflicting time. Civil right was a top issue in the country at the time. Kennedy was a supporter of the African American community. Kennedy played a big part in helping the first African American attend an all whit school in the south. Many say Kennedy was the voice of the people, by showing concern for the middle class and poor. Kennedy increased funding for education and public housing. Kennedy also established a group know today as the peace corp. Another vision Kennedy had was to become the first nation to step foot on the moon, even though the young president was not able to live out his vision, it was soon accomplished.

Kennedy was born in Brooklyn Massachusetts on May 29,191. After gaining his education at Harvard University, Kennedy joined the U.S Navy, where he served his country over seas. When returning from the service Kennedy moved to Boston. There Kennedy started his political career by becoming a Democratic Congressman. Showing great support from the people Kennedy became a member of the U.S Senate. At age 36 Kennedy married his wife by the...
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