Jfk Informative Speech Outline

Topics: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 4 (871 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Informative Speech Outline:

Topic/Title: _____Jhon F. Kennedy an Inspiration through the Ages. _______


Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to provide information on President John F. Kennedy. The speech will provide a history of President Kennedy’s life, the memorable points of his presidency and why he is an inspiration.

Specific Purpose: To share with them his early life, his political career, his load of presidency, his tragic death, and his inspiration.

Thesis Statement: President Kennedy proved to be one of the most remembered Presidents of America and inspires everyone, especially me.

Preview statement: President John F. Kennedy has been revered as one of the most significant Presidents in America’s history despite his short served term in office and an inspiration through the ages.

Attention getter: Today I would like to share with you a short history on President Kennedy and the inspiration he became.


I. Main point #1: Early life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A. Support for #1: Who was born of May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. JFK attended Harvard University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in International Affairs in 1940 (Dallek).

B. Support for #1: JFK entered into the U.S. Navy and became a lieutenant with a patrol torpedo boat named PT-109. JFK’s boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer in the South Pacific Islands on August 2. 1943

C. Support for #1: He rallied his men together and swam for shore. JFK towed a crewman while he swam clenching the man’s life jacket strap between his teeth. JFK was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his heroic action (Donnovan). This background gave JFK what he needed to become the fine President he one day became

II. Main point #2: His political career and his presidency.

A. Support for #2: JFK entered the political spectrum in 1946 when he won the U.S. Representative seat for the 11th Congressional...
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