Jfk Inaugural Speech

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: October 28, 2012
JFK Inaugural Speech

In John F. Kennedy's 1960 Inaugural Speech, the president inspiringly addresses America, American allies, and the Soviet Union as he sets his plans for his 4 year term presidency. John F. Kennedy presents his goal for a new generation of Americans united in a quest to end “ tyranny, poverty, disease, and war”. The famous speech not only reveals goals for the bettering of the nation but for the bettering of the world against the fatal opposition of the Soviet Union and allied communist forces.

John F. Kennedy begins his speech by presenting the common issues of the nation and pledges the America will work in union to “assure the survival and the success of liberty”. Kennedy emphasizes to the ally nations and to the communist nations alike that everything will be done to protect the rights of humanity. JFK wants the people to have confidence in his presidency and by using rhetorical devices Kennedy is able to support his purpose. John F. Kennedy utilizes allusions to the recent World War II and to the then present hostilities with the Soviet Union to demonstrate how America was able to succeed once and how they can succeed once again. Kennedy also employs the repetition of words like ‘liberty” and “freedom” to create pathos, or emotion, amongst the American listeners. The repetition of freedom gives the Americans a sense of pride for what the United States represents. Finally, the short sentences and pauses give Kennedy an air of confidence that make the nation trust that JFK is resolved to achieve his goals as President of the United States.

John F. Kennedy continues his famous Inaugural Speech by setting forth the changes he plans to make for third-world countries and the fatal changes he wishes to prevent under the hands of the Communist. Kennedy personifies the Soviet Union as an “iron tyranny”, referring to the tyrant rule of Stalin and the iron curtain dividing Europe into two separate areas after WWII. Kennedy wants...
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