Jfk Inaugural Address Analysis

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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B| I| N| G| O|
Alliteration“Let us go forth to lead the land we love.”| Allusion“I have sworn before you and all mighty God.”| Personification“With history the final judge of our deeds”| Metaphor“We are the heirs of the first revolution.”| Hortative Sentence“So let us begin a new one…”| PathosBased on the emotions of JFK.| Cumulative Sentence But neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort…yet both racing to alter that uncertain balance. | Oxymoron“But this peaceful revolution.”| AntimetaboleAsk not what your country..”| Rhetorical Question“Will you joining in the historic effort?”| Archaic Diction“Beliefs for which our for bears fought are still at issue around the globe.”| Imagery“The torch has been to a new generation of Americans.”| FREE| Ethos“The command of Isaiah- to undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free.”| Juxtaposition“We are the heirs of the revolution…”| Periodic Sentence“To that world assembly of sovereign states… we renew our pledge of support”| Inversion“And so, my fellow Americans..”| | Metonymy“In your hands, my fellow citizens, more then mine, will rest the final success of failure of our course”| Antithesis“We shall support any friend, oppose any foe.”| Anaphora“Let both sides…”| Zeugma“Now the trumpet summons again… but a call to bear the burden.”| Asyndeton“We shall pay any price… oppose any for to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”| Parallelism“United there is a little we cannot do in host cooperative ventures divided there is little we can do…”| Imperative Sentence“My fellow citizens of the world… but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”| ____________| ______________| _________| ______________| ______________|

Alliteration: When JFK uses alliteration he creates a rhythm with words, which in turns will refocus the audience. Allusion: JFK makes many biblical allusions, which refers to his Catholic faith. Anaphora: In...