Jfk Cheating on His Wife

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Darlene Sandhu
Ted Bancarz
Government P2
27 October 2010
John F. Kennedy and his secret life
John F. Kennedy mixed work with pleasure which created problems for his public image and for his marriage. Many prominent figures in public have been lured into this trap and the end has never been good. JFK was among the many even though he did a good job at being president he wasn't perfect.

John Kennedy met his future wife, Jacqueline Bouvier, when he was a congressman. They were married a year after he was elected senator, on September 12, 1953 (Presidents 1). Kennedy and his wife were younger in comparison to presidents and first ladies that preceded them, and both were popular in ways more common to pop singers and movie stars than politicians, influencing fashion trends and becoming the subjects of numerous photo spreads in popular magazines (JFK 1).

Jacqueline brought new art and furniture to the White House, and directed a restoration. They invited a range of artists, writers and intellectuals to rounds of White House dinners, raising the profile of the arts in America. A former mistress of John F. Kennedy Jr. must have been in much need of cash, because she told her story to the National Enquirer about their years-long passionate affair. She also wrote a tell-all memoir about their relationship (JFK reports 2).

John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline in 1953, but he was also creeping with many international beauties including, Sweden's Gunilla von Post, who's now auctioning her love letters from the horn dog president-to-be. He's lucky there was no internet back then. and John F. Kennedy. Did it happen? Did it not? I don't know. More qualified people have taken on that question, and yet there is still no definitive answer (Ebsocohost 2). But the consensus is that they probably did. Rumors of JFK's womanizing are part of the mystique of one of our most fondly-remembered presidents (JFK 1).

John Kennedy had a beautiful and cultured wife but like the...
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