Jfk Assassination: the Histtory and Reflection

Topics: John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald Pages: 5 (2375 words) Published: May 17, 2011
John F. Kennedy’s assassination was, and still is, a difficult one to understand. On November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was shot twice: once in the back and out the throat, and another in the brain, with a third bullet missing Kennedy. He arrived in Dallas, Texas and started his route in an open limo. When the limo glided down Elm Street, Kennedy was shot. Three shots were heard among the crowd and the President had been fatally wounded. The Zapruder Film captured the assassination. It showed Kennedy being shot as well as the Governor, Connally. Kennedy was shot through the throat and the Governor was hit in the back. Not long after that, Kennedy was shot a second time, this time in the head/brain. Police searched the sixth floor of the Book Depository and not only found the spot where the shooter had been, but also three bullet shells and the rifle used to do the job. Lee Harvey Oswald was the murder suspect and when Oswald, when pulled over, shot a Police officer four times there was little doubt that he had committed the crime. Oswald was eventually found and arrested him in a movie theatre. He was then taken to the Police Headquarters where he was questioned, and when he was to be transferred to another jail (two days after the assassination) he was shot by a man, Jack Ruby. Vice President Johnson was then sworn into the Presidency and spoke briefly to the public. Many conspiracies rose from the assassination of whether Oswald worked alone, for someone, or with someone. John F. Kennedy’s assassination was a surprising one for me. The irony in this assassination seemed to be part of a story. I couldn’t believe that they actually had footage of the shooting. The reality of the case was a lot to take in, especially since that was only around 48 years ago. It is hard to imagine the pain he must’ve been feeling and the pain his wife was going through to see her husband struggling to breathe and then see his head shot in front of her eyes. My question is how was she able to handle that? To see her husband die right in front of her eyes and not being able to help him. It made me think about how fragile life is, how one second you’re happy and content with your life and the next you don’t even have one. Did Mrs. Kennedy have help coping with the traumatic loss? Did she take precautions more seriously? Did she ever enter into a stage of depression? Mrs. Kennedy was a very strong woman to have lived through her husband’s murder in front of her eyes. Robert Oswald was Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother and according to him and research Lee had a tough life. Lee didn’t grow up with a father and had no friends in his teen years. He took an interest in communism and would eventually consider himself a Marxist. Lee Harvey Oswald joined the Marine Corps and was superb at his ability in the shooting range. Lee was able to shoot 200 yards away from a target at 49 out of a possible 50 times at an impressing time. Later on he moved to the Soviet Union where he wanted to join in the Soviet Union agency, but was rejected. Oswald eventually got a job and found a wife, Marina. Oswald was ambitious to make something of himself and to make himself known, so much so that when he returned to the United States he was expecting reporters to be there to cover his return. To his disappointment no one was there. Oswald was an abusive husband, and he also planned on being a political assassin. Wanting to make a mark on history, Lee bought a hand gun as well as a rifle under the name of A. Hiddle. Afterwards he plotted on killing an ex-general, Walker, but didn’t succeed when the bullet bounced away from the intended target off the glass of a window. Marina too Oswald to New Orleans hoping to calm him down and get his mind off of whatever he was thinking of. To her disappointment, he started handing out leaflets stating, “HANDS OFF CUBA!” and getting into fights with Anti-Castro Cubans and got himself arrested. After that he wanted Marina to help him hi-jack a...
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