Jewish Law and Major Variants

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Compared to many other religions, Judaism is considered one of the oldest and most traditional religions which is still widely practiced around the world. It also has roots dating back to the birth of Christ giving it a indirect relationship with Christianity.

The Commandments of the Torah can be described as the laws to practice Jewish traditions. There are 613 Commandments which are also known as mitzvoth. While some Jewish people live by these commandments, a majority of them choose to live by a select group or set of mitzvoth which may relate to each other. One of these 613 mitzvot is ‘obey and have respect for your mother and father’. Although this is shown in all religions as a rule to obey, the Jewish tradition is to have a much more disciplines approach to parents whereas others would have a more relaxed relationship.

Another commandment which is used by more traditional families in the world we live in today is ‘not to mix meat of an animal with milk’. This was used in almost every Jewish household for centuries for hygienic reasons but has now been a rare feature to have two separate cooking stations in a home of a Jewish family.

The three major variants of Judaism; Orthodox, progressive and conservative have their own unique and different perspective on the commandments of the Torah.

Orthodox- lives by not only the mitzvot given by God but also requires the oral Torah for people of this variant to know precisely what each mitzvot commands. Progressive- has molded their religious ideas and style to the modern western world we live in today. They will include commandments which work in their everyday lives. They also changed the concept of ‘men only’ and women only’ commandments to make both genders equal in the sense of the law they follow. Conservative- uses a traditional approach to the 613 mitzvot and includes their full tradition to every generation in the Jewish community.

Not only do the commandments of...
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