Jewish Culture

Topics: Judaism, Halakha, Torah Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Culturescape Assignment (Research and Planner)
Culture chosen: Jewish Neighbourhood
Customs: The first Jewish custom, Brit Milah also known as circumcision, takes places at the birth of a boy baby. It is carried out on the eighth day after the baby has been born; it is performed by a Mohel, where the baby’s foreskin of the penis is removed. The second Jewish custom is called The Naming Ceremony, which takes place on the first Sabbath that immediately follows the birth of a baby girl. This event takes place inside of a synagogue. On this day either parents or just the father is called for a blessing and a reading to the torah. The third Jewish custom is the Bat/ Bar Mitzvah, this ceremony marks and commemorates the entry of a young Jew into the Jewish adult community. This ceremony has been in practice for the last 450 years. The person concerned in the Mitzvah is required to read the Haftorah which is the portion of the Torah for the week and then give a scholarly comment or speech. Bat Mitzvah is the name of the ceremony for girls, and Bar Mitzvah is the name of the ceremony for boys. Ideal gift would include; Mezuzah cases, Charity boxes, and or Kiddush cups. The fourth Jewish custom is called a Simcha, which is also known as Marriage, and it is performed under a canopy. The fifth Jewish customs is called The Mikovaot this ceremony is a cleansing bath that is a ritual and is one of the longest standing practices in Jewish customs. This ceremony is performed to endow marriages. Orthodox Jewish women are required to dip themselves in this bathe very month after their menstruation before they resume relations of marriage with their husbands. Language: there are various Jewish languages and dialects that developed in the Jewish communities around the world. Hebrew was the daily speech of the Jewish people for centuries, but by the fifth century the closely related Aramaic joined Hebrew as the spoken language in Judea. By the third century Jews of diaspora were...
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