Jewellery Designing as a Career

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Jewellery Designing

Jewellery designing is an art that combines the creative skills of a designer and knowledge of precious metal and stones while applying the precision of an artisan. In its earlier days, the profession was confined to only few selected and the expertise and knowledge associated with it was passed on from generation to generation within the family. However, time has changed and now jewellery designing is no longer a closely guarded secret. In fact it has become one of the most sought after short-term courses. With commercialisation of industry and jewellery becoming more of a statement, there is a need of more distinctive designs to gain new ground in the market. Anyone precise reason that jewellery designing is flourishing as a career option.

Since only a few are aware about the career in jewellery designing the competition is low and the jobs are very rewarding in terms of money. There are various skills like cutting, engraving and polishing which you need to learn in order to become a designer of jewellery. The first step towards becoming a jewellery designer is pursuing a related course. The minimum eligibility for the same is 10+2. Although there are many private institutes that offer short-term or long-term course in jewellery designing it is highly advisable that you choose a renowned institute like National Institute of Design pr National Institute of Fashion Technology to maximise your chances of securing a successful career. The degree course Bachelor in Design or BDes with a specialisation in jewellery designing is the standard pathway to a career in this field. Completing your degree is not enough as you will have to join some well known jewellery house for internship to get some hands-on experience.

Any person who has a fair sense of design and ability to give his or her imagination a physical shape along with the ability to assimilate sound technical knowledge can become a jewellery designer. India is a land of colour...
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