Jetstar Internal Analysis

Topics: Balance sheet, Qantas, Strategic management Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Organisation Resources
According to Hubbarb, Rice and Beamish (2008) organisation resources can be defined as the tangible and intangible assets of the organisation. Tangible assets are those items that are easy to identify and both fixed and current assets for example machinery, buildings, lands and inventory. For Qantas Jetstar Domestic, the tangible resources would be the 10 new aircrafts and with up to 64 daily services that is going to be adding on to the business from September 2012(Saurine 2012). The reason for Jetstar for doing this is because they just owned the title of the most late-running planes of all major Australian domestic airlines in the past year (Saurine 2012) therefore this is one of their strategy to try to keep up with the business. On the other hand, the intangibles assets would be their organisation reputations and operating knowledge and experiences. This is where the tangible comes in handy because by having the tangible assets, it helps Jetstar to build up their reputations (Hubbarb et al. 2008) for examples they are trying their best to make sure they have enough plane and will be on time for every route so that they will have great reputation and also gained back the consumers’ trust. They also make sure their staffs have minimum requirement before hiring them and also offers them travel benefits to keep them happy (Jetstar 2012) as Harter (2011) mentioned that research shows that staffs perform better when the organisation keeps them happy and especially with the skills and requirements that they already got, they will provide outstanding services to the customers and keep the customers happy.

Organisation Capabilities
Hubbarb et al. (2008) stated capabilities are the processes, systems or organisation routines that the organisation uses to coordinates its resources for productive and they can be found from the production line to the marketing department within the organisation. For the production line, Jetstar has not only...
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