Jetstar Hong Kong

Topics: Hong Kong, Airline, Low-cost carrier Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: April 6, 2013
JetStar Hong Kong
1. Jetstar Hong Kong is a proposed low fare airline, based at Hong Kong International Airport which plans to commence services in 2013.1 2. It will be formed as a strategic alliance between China Eastern Airlines and the Qantas Group. The two carriers will invest as much as $198 million, with each company holding a 50% share.1 3. It will initially serve short-haul routes to cities in China, Japan, South Korea and South East Asia.1 4. The business strategy of JetStar Hong Kong of the start-up calls for average fares up to 50 per cent cheaper than established operators with a range of destinations including points in mainland China, Japan, South Korea and South East Asia.2 5. JetStar Hong Kong will give discount access into mainland China, complimenting the existing Jetstar Asia, based in Singapore and Jetstar Pacific, based in Vietnam.3 6. It plans to operate three Airbus A320s initially on routes to China’s mainland and Southeast Asian countries from Hong Kong.4 7. The carrier is scheduled to expand its fleet to 18 A320s by 2015.4 8. It will join Jetstar group discount airlines in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan which operate 3000 flights per week and are on track to carry 20 million passengers this year.3 9. Jetstar Hong Kong is anticipated to add billions of dollars a year in economic activity for Hong Kong, as well as several hundred skilled jobs, by the time it reaches 18 aircraft in 2015.2 10. Jetstar Hong Kong announced the appointment of Mr Edward Lau as the airline’s Chief Executive Officer on 4 February 2013.6 11. Jetstar Hong Kong has won antitrust approval from the Chinese government, bringing it one step closer to launching this year.4 12. JetStar Hong Kong is going to be imitated by two new HK low cost carriers during 2013, one is the subsidiary of China’s Spring and Autumn Airlines to use its full name, and the other is the rebranding of Hong Kong Express as a low-cost...
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