Jetstar Analysis

Topics: Asia-Pacific, Airline, Corporation Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Analyse Jetstar’s external environment (EE). What are the key trends that would influence the general environment segments, and how would this impact on this airlines’ strategy?
The external environment of the Jetstar could be divided into seven parts. The economic environment, the Jetstar plans to slash costs and ticket prices, taking the first step in an alliance that could transform the Asia budger markt. The demographic environment, the Jetstar focuse on Asia-Pacific market, because they realize that the Asia-Pacific region is one of the biggest frowth markets in aviation. The technological environment, Jetstar investigated jointly procuring new aircraft, cooperate on buying engineering and maintenance supplies. Also they operating 60 aricraft, is the world’s largest long- haul budger carrier. The competiton environment, Jetstar having the partnership so they can go forword and also offer unmateched reach in the Asia-Pacific region, with more routes and lower fares than their main competitors, so those new allicances will enable them to maximise that scale.

And the key trends will influence the general environment in each different segments. The population size and geographic distribution are the main factors, because the customer flow in the specific region influence the company profit directly. Therefore, the Jetstar need to make the correct plan about whice region is their main target, and how to develop in the future. The government influence the Jetstar when cooperate with other airlines, each country has different legal when to be the partnerships and the taxation laws. So the Jetstar should hire some employees in local region, they know much about the local laws. The shifts in aviation is very important, as we know, sometimes the employee have to work 10 or 20 hours. So make a correct schedule for the employees benefits to the company. Creation of new knowledge and new application is the most important in technological...
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