Jet Skis Outline

Topics: Environmentalism, Pollution Pages: 4 (577 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Jet skis

Thesis statement:
Jet skis should be banned from some waterways because they are loud, create environmental mess, and harm animals.

I. Jet skis can be fun, but they are also hazardous.

A. Jet skis are popular.

1. More than 1.3 million jet skis (also called personal watercraft) are in use, with annual sales of about 200,000—one-third of all boat sales.

2. Some people love them and want to use them on all waterways.

3. Other people hate them and want them banned.

B. My experience is both a joyful and an irritating one.

1. I enjoyed driving a jet ski on the ocean a few years ago.

2. But my vacation recently at a beautiful lake was marred by the constant noise of jet skis.

I. The first reason they should be banned is because they make too much noise.

A. People go to national and state parks to get away from noise and enjoy the sounds of nature.

B. A jet ski makes loud, intrusive noise.

1. A person on shore 100 feet away hears 80 decibels (equivalent to a police siren).

2. Two or more jet skis traveling together can create over 100 decibels (equivalent to standing next to a chainsaw).

3. These decibel levels were determined by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

(Transition: While jet skis are creating noise, they are also creating an environmental mess.)

II. Another reason they should be banned is because they create an environmental mess.

A. One day’s worth of jet ski production of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide equals what a car would produce over 100,000 miles.

B. Jet skis have inefficient, two-stroke engines, which dump up to one-third of their fuel unburned.

C. Each year 165 million gallons of oil are spilled into U.S. waterways by jet skis.

D. Jet ski emissions can harm humans, animals, and plants, says the Environmental Protection Agency.

E. A lot of the toxic...
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