Jet Lag

Topics: Time zone, Jet lag, Coordinated Universal Time Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Are you all local student? If not, do some of you come from middle or east parts of the United State, or even other countries? If so, I think many of you may have suffered from Jet Lag ever. Think about following questions: What's the longest flight you have ever taken? Did you pass through any time zones? How did you feel when you got off the flight? Well, if you felt tired, maybe even disoriented, you might have been suffering from jet lag. So, today I will give you an overview about the impacts of jet lag and some possible methods to prevent jet lag.

Jet lag makes a nature effect on person's body; also, it takes some people a big challenge for their psychology. Jet lag is a condition that occurs when some people have traveled a long distance in a short time by plane; therefore, their body are adjusting to the new time zone. Due to the time difference, their body clock will be out of synch, their sleep-wake pattern will be upset , the person may suffer from jet lag for up to several days. Do you often force yourself to come over jet lag? If so, you need to be careful. Your body has an inner clock that tells you when to sleep, wake and eat. That clock is set for a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness. But when that rhythm is disrupted, for instance, by rapid travel across multiple time zones, it wreaks havoc on your body. A new research results show that the repeatability in a short time to adjust to the time difference may cause the memory loss and distinguishes the not clear direction. Frequent jet lag may cause brain atrophy. Moreover, the study also found that a day to a night shift staff and parents who take care of their children are not have a well-balanced sleep, most of them will be affected in the same memory loss problems. In addition, jet lag will affect few people's psychological. For example, some Chinese students study in the United States, but the United States and China have a 16 hours time...
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