Jet Copies Case Problem

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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JET Copies Case Problem
Assignment 1

Dr. Elena Klimova
MAT 540 – Quantitative Methods
Janeiro 28, 2013

Model number of days to repair
In regard to the first part of the Case Problem (The average number of days needed to repair the copier), I worked on the Excel to find the number of the days required to repair the copier (Repair Time (days). In Excel, I wrote down the table information given from the case study to make it easier to find it and copy, if necessary. I used the RAND() function in to create random values for column F4:F16. After created the RAND()values, I copied and pasted the values in the column F4:F16 because I needed to freeze the number, otherwise it would keep changing. Using the random probabilities numbers created previously by the function RAND(). I used Excel function VLOOKUP to find the number of days needed to repair =VLOOKUP(F4,LookUp,2) to =VLOOKUP(F16,LookUp,2) and the sum gave me the information of number of days needed to repair the copier.=2 days. Per the calculations, the average repair time is 2 days. Model number of weeks between breakdowns

In regard to the second part of the case (The average number of weeks between breakdowns), to find the time between breakdowns in weeks, I used the maximum number of 6 weeks which is in cell I4, and I used formula =6*SQRT(H4). I pulled the formula down and erase the numbers that exceed 52 weeks, once the problem wanted to find the cost of breakdowns over a year only. For each information required I calculate a total =SUM(I4:I28) = 53.67. The average time between breakdowns is 4.13 (or 4.00 rounded) weeks. Model lost revenue due to breakdowns

In regard to the third part of the case (Lost revenue due to copier being out of service), I first had to find the uniform probability distribution between 2,000 and 8,000 (the estimated copies per day by the owners). To find the numbers of copies lost, I used the formula =6000*J4+2000 and I pulled the formula down...
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