Jet-Blue Ethical Dilema

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Ethical Dilema

Although Ms. Amarsingh’s behavior violated corporate policy about the treatment of customers, being terminated appears to be a drastic decision. Customers traveling today are more frustrated by delays and perceived service lapses. As the vice president of JetBlue, I would look at the situation and come up with a solution to better protect my employees as well as send a clear message that we are committed to customer service. The employees are trained on how to respond to irate customers, but all scenarios are not covered and due to the fact that we are human and emotions come into play, I would take it all into consideration. This situation was an extreme example of an irate customer. Ms. Amarsingh would be reprimanded with suspension without pay and she would have to participate in a more intensive training so that she will be better equipped to handle irate customers. The training would be and annual mandatory training for all of the employees of JetBlue to provide them the necessary tools to deal with the daily problems and emotions of irate customers. Since the issue of uniformed flight attendants being walking targets for passenger frustrations has been brought up, I would look at the problem and try to come up with a favorable solution. Happy employees make for a successful company. If a simple solution is to allow the flight attendants to not wear their uniforms while off duty or when traveling to begin their shifts; then it will be looked in to as a possible solution. JetBlue has a responsibility to their customers, but they also have a responsibility to their employees. Everything is not always black and white. Issues will arise where there may not be a policy in place and there may not be a clear way to handle it. Termination is not always the answer. The employees need to feel they are important and the customers need to feel they are valued. As vice president, I will try to protect all parties involved when at all...
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