Jet Blue Case Study

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Intel® Xeon® Processor E5649
Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Using cloud technology to deliver quality taxi services
Taiwan Taxi makes use of a cloud computing system powered by Intel® Xeon® processors to develop a variety of IT services that provide passengers and drivers with a comfortable and safe riding experience, challenging stereotypes about taxi services

• Ensure smooth operation and efficiency of IT framework. Proper maintenance of backend systems and supporting computers should be monitored all the time despite limited manpower.
• Simplify existing systems. Ensure efficient integration of a large number of systems onto a small number of physical computers to cut down on maintenance time. • Find stable hardware to support rolling out of new IT services. IT facilities being set up should be supported by necessary hardware to keep with the rapid pace of software development.

Taiwan Taxi is a publicly-listed
company established in 2002.
It places great importance on
the commuting environment of
its drivers and passengers, and
strives to actively reform its
operations to create a safe and
comfortable commute for all. By
providing innovative IT services,
Taiwan Taxi continuously
improves its service quality
and brand image. Taiwan Taxi
has become a high-technology
passenger service enterprise,
delivering quality taxi services to
passengers all over Taiwan.

• Build cloud system with Intel® Xeon® processor E5649. Blade servers powered by Intel Xeon processor E5649 build a strong foundation for cloud services to ensure overall efficiency of IT systems.

• Use virtualization technology for efficient integration of systems. Cloud computing systems allow large numbers of systems to be combined onto a single interface, which simplifies the management of existing systems.

• Deploy servers running on Intel Xeon processors for a stable IT infrastructure. Stable hardware needs less time for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Taiwan Taxi strives to provide its passengers with the optimum environment for commuting. This is why it regularly introduces new IT service systems for its daily operations. These services include various call services for taxis, as well as general packet radio services (GPRS) taxi monitoring services. IT Department Manager Nan Qiang shares that with the ongoing development of different types of IT services, there are currently as many as 20 major IT systems in operation at Taiwan Taxi. Many of these systems, such as the taxi calling service systems, are further developed into smaller service applications. As a result, each system supports an average of 10 different functions—expanding the company’s software use that proved challenging for their operations.

With an IT framework that expands day by day, Taiwan Taxi had to search for new solutions. The company discovered that cloud computing systems powered by Intel Xeon processors ensure the overall efficiency of IT systems, streamlining its maintenance, which is ideal for limited manpower.

Bottleneck in hardware infrastructure impedes smooth systems operations Despite limited manpower, Taiwan Taxi has been able to quickly roll out new IT services including entirely new systems. However, each system needs to be supported by the necessary hardware. The bottleneck that continues to develop on the hardware infrastructure proved to be a challenge, since the hardware has not been able to keep up with the rapid pace of software development.

Using servers running on Intel Xeon processors allows Taiwan Taxi to use the power of cloud computing to roll out IT
services efficiently, while achieving hardware stability to meet its growing software demands.

“Superior efficiency and excellent
stability were key reasons for
choosing blade servers powered
by Intel Xeon processors for our
cloud system. These features are
essential in order to provide the
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