Jet Blue Analysis

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Jet Blue Analysis
BUS 630 Assignment WK 3

Jet Blue Analysis
Jet Blue is now a major U.S. airline that has established itself as a leading low-fare, low cost passenger airline by offering customers high quality customer service and a differentiated product according to Jet Blue 10-K/A pg . Their steps to achieve their goals in the market place are to stimulate demand with low fares. Jet Blue offers a wide variety of low fares that target those leisure travelers and business persons that would have sought out alternative travel options. They emphasize low operating costs. They are fully utilizing technology with incentivized and productive workforces. They excel at maintaining high aircraft utilization by operating a single aircraft type with a single class of service as described in the Jet Blue 10-K/A pg 2. Jet Blue offers point to point flights to underserved and/or overpriced large markets. There is a great deal of demand for these types of services, customers are looking for direct flights and a cheaper price, the additional benefit of Jet Blue travels is the accommodations provided. Customers have free access to DirectTV, larger leather seats, extra legroom compared to other airlines. Lastly, Jet Blue believes their long term success with be because of a how they differentiate their products and services. Jet Blue’s flying experience for customers is more of a pleasure rather than a burden or what sometimes feels like an obstacle getting from point A to point B. Jet Blue does not overbook their flights and they are proactive and honest about any delays especially related to weather. Jet Blue is an organization that primarily relies on operational excellence. Jet Blue does not offer a wide variety of products; they only have one type of aircraft with a single class of service (Jet Blue 10-K/A). They are very interested in customer feedback to continuously improve their services to stand out from the rest of the...
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