Jesus Life

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Jesus Life
After reading Gospel of Mark and seeing Joshua, which Director is Mel Gibson, 2004, and a Passion of Christ, Director Jon Purdy, 2002, I thought Jesus I thought what a great guy, no wonder why he has so many followers. In this paper I am going to talk about each movie and then a Gospel of Mark and then I am going to relate them.

First of all I would like to talk about Joshua, the movie started with a stranger coming to town that needed help to glue back their community that was why he was so successful. He had helped everyone that is why he won everyone’s heart so quickly. Joshua was a great guy who knew what bible is all about and tried to teach people that in subliminal way. I think that teaching by showing example is the best way and also the easiest to learn. Sometimes people might feel stressed to be a first ones’ to do something, to standout, be different. But if somebody is teaching others by example and showing the way it is much easier to follow him/her. In Joshua directors might have gone too far with some details, when he healed the blind girl I thought this is too excessive because from what I have heard Jesus was not all about showing off. Then other scene came around when a guy fell on the ground and died, Joshua got his back from dead all alone and that was effective because the lightening and the words he said were all in the right time and place. Joshua said “You just fell” and he did not demand anything back from a man. The end of the movie, in my opinion, was entertaining but for me a movie would have been much more realistic if Joshua would not have powers to disappear and be everywhere at once. I think director tried to picture the God not the Jesus, and I think that this story would have been much better if Joshua would have been kept as a stranger who came to help everyone without any pay needed.

Another movie that I have watched was a Passion of Christ. From the beginning I would have to say that I am not going to watch...
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