Jesus Is a Teacher Par Excellency

Topics: Education, Teacher, Old Testament Pages: 4 (1639 words) Published: June 1, 2013
A teacher is someone who instructs. In a Jewish society, the term Rabbi is interchangeably used with the term teacher. In this society, a teacher is a highly respected and valued person responsible for interpreting the law and all Jewish boys are supposed to learn the law at the age of 15. Apparently, the title Rabbi is commonly reserved for the educated elite such as the Pharisees because they are educated. For example, Nicodemus, Paul and his teacher Gamaliel belonged to this category of people. Surprisingly, Jesus was a special and unique individual with unsurpassable wisdom yet he did not go to any school. This was the reason why Jesus was known as a good teacher by the majority of the Jewish society. John 3: 1-5, asserts that even Nicodemus who was a highly educated and respected person recognized Jesus as a good teacher. It is worthy noting that as a good teacher, Jesus was very dynamic in his teaching because he always wanted to motivate his students. He was committed, compassionate, and very knowledgeable, he knew his audience well and he was flexible to ask and to answer questions. With this background therefore, this paper is set to discuss the perception that Jesus was the good teacher par excellence. The forth coming paragraphs will unfold the discussion by concentrating on the methodologies that Jesus used in his teaching such as parables, study trips, demonstrations, question and answer, lecture method and some resources that he used. To begin with, parables which can also be considered as story telling. Jesus used this approach most to convey his message to the audience. Parables are fictions in which well known characters or locally available materials and activities are used in order to pass on the message and the truth. Parabolic method is provocative and participatory because it requires the audience to think while listening. Sometimes listeners had to find out the meaning of the message on their own. For...
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