Jesus Essay

Topics: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Positive psychology Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Leadership Essay “Jesus”

In the Bible, Jesus' leadership can be summed up as having vision translated into reality, creating a leadership team, establishing authority for the church and over Satan, and preparing himself for any situation.

Jesus walked the earth more than 2,000 years ago. This one man made such an impression on those around him that he is still to this day considered the greatest leader of all time. For one man to make such an impact on the world, especially considering the obstacles and lack of technology; to me, is amazing. Jesus' example of leadership is so unique to any other leader of his time and even to today's leaders. This fact could very well be the reason why it was so successful. No one else can even compare to his style of leadership. By analyzing the style of leadership Jesus used, I have come up with some main points.

Vision is the first main point of Jesus' leadership style. Jesus had established visions and had a direction for himself and the ones he was leading. Vision, goals, direction, and ambition can all be incorporated together in this aspect of leadership. Ambition can be defined as the strong desire to achieve something. Through using ambition, goals, and direction a vision can be achieved. "He has a compass that points true in the thickest of fog and fiercest storm, and regardless of magnetic rocks," is a quote by S.D. Gordon describing God's ambition and vision. In order to be a good spiritual leader, such as Jesus, a leader must possess the ability to translate a vision into reality. They must also be able to explain the visions, goals, and strategy to their followers and provide them a sense of direction. We are able to see Jesus' vision in Luke 4:18. He tells the people that he has been anointed from the Lord to preach good news to the poor, free the prisoners, and release the oppressed. In Luke 18:31-33, Jesus then tells the disciples his goals and describes the goals to them. He predicts...
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