Jesus Entetres Jerusalem

Topics: Judaism, Jerusalem, Israel Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1a. The words “Praise God! God bless him who comes in the name of the Lord1 god bless the coming kingdom of King David, our farther! Praise God!” was said as Jesus was entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

b. Jesus was going to Jerusalem for the Jewish festival of Passover.

c. Jesus rode on a donkey, because donkeys are humble creatures. They are neither proud nor extravagant, but simply humble. Jesus, the King of Kings, chose to demonstrate His humility by riding on a humble beast. When they saw Jesus riding in on a donkey it gave the Jewish people hope. A king riding in on a donkey meant that he came in peace and not war. This was reassuring because it let the people know that he was they’re savior and he was coming to save them not through war but peace.

d. This is described as an acted parable because of the hidden meaning that makes you think, A parable is a story with an underlying explanation or lesson. This is an acted parable because Jesus is the King of Kings yet he is riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. A donkey, a lowly animal, humble in every way. This shows that Jesus was humble and willing to do things that a ‘King’ normally wouldn’t. Also this is an acted parable because anyone riding on a donkey symbolized coming in peace, this showed that Jesus was coming in peace and to save people.

e. By riding into Jerusalem on a donkey Jesus was trying to teach the disciples that; the donkey who had been left, abandoned had come into use. This applies to the disciples because just because maybe Jesus/God was not using them at that moment in time a time would come where they would be needed. Also he was teaching them to humble themselves because just as much as they are important in the work that they are doing, by showing pride God can raise someone else to do the job they were too proud to do.

2a. Entering the Temple, Jesus saw the moneychangers, along with merchants who were selling animals for sacrifice. Pilgrims carried coins from their...
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